Period: 10th October 2022 – 24th October 2022

Price: 1350 euro *for reservation, 500-euro advance is need until 15th of September .

Package includes:

  • International flights (line flights, short stops, checked-in luggage included)
  • Transfers
  • Accommodation
  • Transportation on the island all day long and driver
  • Super rafting in jungle
  • Surf guide
  • Surf classes
  • Surf equipment

Package DOS NOT include:

  • Medical insurance


Indonesian archipelago in known as the best surf waves place in the world, located at the perfect distance from the Indian ocean, where the big storms constantly generate the swell (the energy transformed into perfect waves). From the multitude of Indonesian islands, Bali is the only Hindu populated and spiritual and hospitality-based tradition, with a special sense of beauty that you will discover in their architecture, ornaments, clothing and tidiness (specially in non-touristic places. We will discover the best waves and the most beautiful beaches in southern part of the island (Bukit), the secret place of surf lovers, far from commercial places where everybody goes.

This way we will learn and we will develop in surf skills near the famous spot Padang Padang, in the middle of the authentic nature, one hour away driving from the touristic center of parties and night life.
Accommodation will be 2- or 3-persons villas in a villa residence very tidy and exotic belonging to a typical Balinese family, where we may see them bringing gifts to Hindu gods in the morning and the way they keep their ancient traditions.

We will have 10 days of surf helped by experienced guides for the ones already accustomed with surfing but also helped by special instructors for beginners. Depending on weather conditions we will go each time on a different beach to hunt the perfect waves. We will dedicate half a day for surfing – class will be 2 hours + getting there.

For 2 nights we will move to the mountains in the spiritual Balinese center, Ubud, the old island capital, where the royal palace is and where the line of royal family still exists, the perfect place for admiring green rice fields, the jungle and to connect with ourselves through yoga + we will also have a super rafting in the jungle.

Optional activities include: SUP, temples visiting, exploring tropical forest by scooters (rented), or famous parties from tourist areas.

Our team


Tiberiu Balica

Dom President / Surf Instructor

Being a snowboard passionate, I began to surf in 2011 in Tenerife, Canary islands, where I met Dan Gheorghe, the man who inspired me the taste for the waves and my motivation in teaching what the joy of surf means is to see my students as happy as I am when the achieve what they aim. Since 2012 I began to teach surf classes on the artificial wave from Divertiland in Bucharest, then I travelled to the most beautiful surf places in the world where I initiated the trips that we now organize at Sup Academy Romania. Now I`m teaching surf and Sup classes in my country, Romania, during the summer and starting from September I follow the summer around the world teaching myself and other how to surf until the month of May.<br /> Being close to water is the ideal life for me and best thing I can do is to teach someone to relax, to live healthier and to know himself better.


Agus Tinawan

Dom Colleague / Surf Instructor

I began to surf at 13 y. o. and between 14 and 21 I participated in various competitions in Bali: LBS youth (1place), Volcom series south Kuta (4th 4times and 3rd 3 times). Rip Curl gromsearch – Bukit (1st, 2nd and 3rd), Oakley Rumble in the jungle QF finish, Volcom National finals, semi-finals 2x best result) Billabong Pro Jr., Quiksilver Canggu, Padang Padang board riders Challenge (1st), Bingin Boardriders comp semi-finals, Uluwatu QF finals. When I was young, I wanted to slide on the waves like a professionist because after school classes I watched surf movies were I could see Rob Machado, Luke Egan, Cory Lopez, Mick Fanning, Kelly Slater, and the ocean was my playground that I sheared with my friends, it was our second home. My motivation for being a surf instructor comes from the joy of shearing my experience with anyone who comes here (in Bali) so they can have an unforgettable memory when they return home. I also love to meet people from all over the world and to bound beautiful friendships, to share good energy with them and to see them smile and doing something new even if they will try it only once.


Koyok Nioman

Dom Colleague / Surf Instructor


Dom Colleague / Surf Instructor


Do you have questions?


    Bali is not only a honey moon destination, but also your dream surf vacation, if:

    • You want to learn surf or to improve on the perfect waves of the most beautiful beaches in the world
    • You would like to live and to catch waves on the less touristic part of one of the most exotic islands in the world
    • You want to see world class waves like Uluwatu and Padang-Padang where, with a little bit of luck you might meet the best surfers in the world
    • You like white sand beaches surrounded by jungle and turquoise water
    • You want to meet locals, the culture and spiritual places from the only Hindu island of the Indonesian archipelago.
    • You want to practice yoga, to relax, to explore temples and green fields of rice
    • You don`t mind if it will rain half hour a day, which makes the island greener and less touristic

    Asian luxuriant experience:

    Located in a small village, 30 minutes away walking from the ocean, the luxury villa residence of 2 persons capacity each, managed by a Balinese family, is the quietest place where you can relax and recharge for the next surf day. Being a small group of 1-12 persons, we will have at our disposal thee entire villa residence composed of 6 villas, a spacious yard, close to a hypermarket, some local restaurants (warungs), a coffeeshop and a banc machine.


    We will have 10 days of surf helped by experienced guides for the ones already accustomed with surfing but also helped by special instructors for beginners. The class will take 2 hours but with getting there it will take us almost half a day. Depending on weather conditions we will go each time on a different beach to hunt the perfect waves.


    In Bali the water will be warm so during classes ad surf sessions we won`t need but a UV protection blouse and a surf board – a longboard hard-top for more experienced ones or soft-top for beginners.

    More than surf – Stand UP Paddle in Bali:

    If you want to relax after surfing you may have a SUP ride to explore the coral reef`s border on a clear water, seeing the fish underneath or you can practice yoga on SUP.
    For adrenalin adductors we will do a rafting in the jungle so we won`t stay far from water too long. And about parties, we will have the parties` center of Bali at only 1 hour away distance, Seminyak area, or if you prefer something more chill, not far from our accommodation is the famous Single Fin where every Sunday gather all surfers from the area.