Vacation schedule 2021: 8 May – 23 May

Price: 1650 euro

*for reservation, 1300-euro advance is need until 15th of march.

Package includes:

  • Local Flights
  • Local transportation and transfers
  • Surf classes
  • Surf equipment
  • Yoga classes
  • SUP classes
  • Machu Picchu entrance
  • Some meals and dinner
  • Guides all aver the trip

Package DOS NOT include:

  • Meals
  • International flights
  • Optional activities
  • Other entrance tickets at ruins beside Machu Picchu
  • Healing ceremonies

The one-week expedition in the Amazonian jungle will be extra charge – 550 euro and has all activities included.

The 1650 euro package includes:

  1. Local flights: Lima-Cusco-Lima all taxes included
  2. Local transport complete and taxi, bus, van and car transfers all the trip long
  3. Accommodation all trip long in 3-4 stars hotels and 2 night in jungle chalets
  4. Meals: daily breakfast, 2 lunch, 2 dinner
  5. Surf: 5 beginner or intermedium classes – 4 in Chicama, the longest left wave in the world and 1 in Lima, with instructors, full equipment and photographs
  6. Yoga: Intensive Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga classes for beginners or advanced (some of them with the great master Chaytania) and related technics
  7. SUP class and SUP on Piuray at 3800 m altitude, the highest SUP spot in the world
  8. Entrance and guided tour at Machu Picchu
  9. Exploring the jungle, with stops at remote waterfalls and giant trees
  10. Visits: Lima (Peru capital) – Chicama (longest left wave in the world) – Cusco (spiritual center of Peru) – Ollantaytambo (last Inca fortress) – Aguas Calientes (thermal baths) – Machu Picchu (one of world`s wonders) – Madre Selva (jungle chalets and mountain jungle)
  11. Guides all through the trip

The 1650 euro package does not include:

  1. Meals
  2. International Flights
  3. Optional activities
  4. Other entrance tickets at ruins beside Machu Picchu
  5. Healing ceremonies
  6. Medical insurance

Optional activities:

  1. Alternative therapies, Ayahuasca healing Ceremony, the sacred medicine plant of Andean population (aprox. 70 usd), vibrational healing therapy (35 usd), Inca ruins entrance (25 usd), Inca Trail (aprox 600 usd), climbing (50 usd).
  2. Amazonian expeditions (6days/5nights): Puerto Maldonado (the jungle province capital Madre de Dios), jungle chalets (natural reservation Tambopata). Includes: bus transport, Cusco-Pt Maldonado-Cusco, 4×4 transport, boat, transport Pt Maldonado-jungle chalets -Pt Maldonado, local guides for jungle walks, entrance in the national reservation Tambopata, 2 nights accommodation in Pt Maldonado and 3 nights in jungle chalets; meals: 2 breakfast in Pt Maldonado and all meals in jungle chalets. Activities: Observing hundreds of Macaw parrots in their natural habitat when they are feeding with soil, searching for caimans, piranha fishing, kayak on the river, guided jungle tour with medicine and eatable plant observation, insects and construction-used materials observation, visiting a native jungle family, lake tour where you can see a great number of wild animals, even the anaconda snake, boat tour around Pt Maldonado city. Minimum group of 5 explorers needed. Price 550 euro/ person.
  3. Boat trip in Chicama and snorkeling, interaction with rich sea fauna of the area. (dolphins, sea wolfs, giant turtles, fish, etc.) aprox 35 euro/person.
  4. Visit at the antic ruins of Chimbu civilization (pre-Inca) with capital close to Trujillo: Huaca de la Luna and Huaca del Sol.

Our Team


Tiberiu Balica

Dom President / Surf Instructor

Being a snowboard passionate, I began to surf in 2011 in Tenerife, Canary islands, where I met Dan Gheorghe, the man who inspired me the taste for the waves and my motivation in teaching what the joy of surf means is to see my students as happy as I am when the achieve what they aim. Since 2012 I began to teach surf classes on the artificial wave from Divertiland in Bucharest, then I travelled to the most beautiful surf places in the world where I initiated the trips that we now organize at Sup Academy Romania. Now I`m teaching surf and Sup classes in my country, Romania, during the summer and starting from September I follow the summer around the world teaching myself and other how to surf until the month of May.<br /> Being close to water is the ideal life for me and best thing I can do is to teach someone to relax, to live healthier and to know himself better.


Christian ``Rasta``

Dom Colleague / Surf Instructor

I am 43 y. o. and I first went on a surf board at 16. My motivation is charging myself with good energy while surfing, the feeling of ”being here”, inner peace and mental clarity. I am happy to teach others how to surf, shearing all my knowledge, how it works and how much every detail matter, spending at the same time wonderful and happy moments on the sea.


Do you have questions?


    More than surf:

    We will pass together from the driest to the most humid place in the world, from the sea level to a mountain passage at 4300 meters high, from a city with 30 million inhabitants to the jungle where there is no electricity, we will walk through the dessert and under banana and avocado tree forests. We will see wonders made by man and by nature, an antic culture, we will pass through many social contrasts, relief, climate and altitude ones, emotions caused by surf and yoga, which will make us leave South America reinvented.


    2 weeks dedicated to your reinvention.

    We will go at the middle of April, 2 weeks, with one more week extension possibility for an extra expedition in Amazonian jungle.


    6 locations and thousand of km made by plane, bus, van and walking.

    We will begin in Lima capital, where we will have a surf class, then we`re heading to Chicama, wonder of nature – the longest wave in the world, where we will spend 4 days doing surf, yoga and relaxing. After that – Cuzco – ex imperial capital, Ollantaytambo – the last Inca bastion fallen under the Spanish armies, one of world`s wonders – Machu Picchu and the chalets from the mountain area, where we will practice yoga and we will have the opportunity to know ancient healing therapy for various affections. For the Amazonian expedition we will add 6 days more of exploring the Amazonian jungle, where we will see the richest bio diversity in the world.


    The 5 surf courses will take place in 28-20 degrees Celsius and we will use 3mm neoprene suits. These will take place in 2 locations: in the capital Lima, a single 2-hour course, after which you can stay in the ocean for practice, and the other 4 courses, on the sandy beach of Chicama village, where the worlds longest wave is formed. In Chicama the courses also last for 2 hours, but participants can stay in the water for as long as they want. It should be remembered that in Chicama, due to the conformation of the beach and the ocean currents, a strong current is formed from north to south and the surfers have to get out of the water and come back to the beach often. We do not recommend using taxi services with motor boats because of the pollution they bring and the destabilization of the lineup order.


    In each posture we feel our muscular energy and we create organic energy and profound meditation during the series of movements. The result of this practice is a state of mindfulness for our hole body through basic principles that create power, strongness, flexibility and a deep spiritual evolution.

    Optional Activities:

    Minding our fix itinerary, the only optional activities could be in Chicama area – visiting the great soil cities of pre-Inca culture Moche-Chimbu, Tan Tan si Huaca del Sol/Huaca de la Luna and in the mountain area – participating at the ancient healing ceremonies.


    We will have double rooms, matrimonial or triple at least 3 stars European level, with breakfast included. Only in the mountain jungle – for two nights only – we will have chalets with multilevel beds.