Work & Surf – Work hard, Surf harder

Vacation period 2021: 

22 Oct 2021 - 07 Jan 2022

€1000 (€250 advance payment)

Included in the package:
  • 4 weeks accommodation at the Surf Camp;
  • Transfer from the airport (TFS);
  • One surfing course/training;
  • Cars available throughout the staying;
  • Special prices for all our activities;
  • High speed internet connection, 600 mb/s;
  • Participation in events organized at Surf Camp or in other locations on the island;
  • Digital content;
  • Tour guide.


  • Flight tickets;
  • Meals;
  • Optional activities:
    • 8-hour Surf Trip in the wild north of the island;
    • Surf Skate and Carving lessons;
    • Stand Up Paddle or Kayak trips across the ocean to see the dolphins, as well as snorkeling with the sea turtles;
    • Yoga classes;
    • Downhill MTB;
    • BBQ on a secluded beach;
    • Laurisilva beach Trekk & Laurisilva – skytrail Trekk;
    • Stargazing Trekk;
  • Option to request a single/double private room;
  • Possibility of free cancellation at any time;
  • Health insurance.

The package includes:

    1. Accommodation – 7 nights in the Arona region in the southern Tenerife island, in a villa
      with rooms available for two, three, or four people;
    2. Transfers to/from Tenerife South Airport (in case your flights are booked for the Tenerife
      North Airport, please contact us to check the options);
    3. One surfing lesson/training – depending on your level, included is one surfing lesson for beginners or one surfing training for intermediate/advanced. The lesson includes a surfing initiation from a licensed instructor. The technicalities and theoretical part will be taught on land in order to develop motor skills and muscle memory, followed by actual practice on water. For those with experience, there will be an evaluation of the participant in order  to help him/her advance on to the next level (recognizing and catching the green waves, drop and surf on the wave direction, other instructions in order for the participant to be able to continue training on his own);
    4. Transportation – there is one car available for every four people, for airport transfers and trips to the surf beaches, but also for visits or wave searches around the island;
    5. Preferential feeds and tips & tricks for ongoing camp activities;
    6. High internet speed connection – in the villa, there is a 600 mb/s router dedicated to those who work remotely;
    7. Participations to camp events and outside of – once a week, we organize free visits around the islands, parties and BBQs;
    8. Digital content – for some of the training and classes, we have a dedicated photographer who will capture all those unforgettable moments of you riding the waves. You will receive the photos once the camp is over;
    9. Tour guide – a staff member will gladly be at your disposal with all the needed information, will coordinate the group’s activities and will accompany the group on expeditions; He/she will always be by your side whenever needed.

The package DOES NOT include:

  1. Flight tickets. We can recommend you some direct flights (approx. cost €250 – €300) or stopover flights (approx. cost €180 – €230);
  2. Meals. There will be a surf camp kitchen available for use (cheapest option – min. €80 euros/week), or you can resort to restaurants with good food and affordable prices. We will be happy to recommend you some, depending on where you will be and what you want to eat;
  3. Optional activities:
    • 3.1 Surf Trip in the wild north of the island – you can surf freely with our equipment and a guide will choose the location and will offer directions depending on the conditions and safety. The location is a deserted beach in the northern part of the island, one of the most beautiful in Tenerife, where surfing for beginners and intermediates is possible only in certain ocean conditions which will be discussed on the spot. Duration: a full day or half a day. Cost: €40 and respectively €20 per surfboardboard. One surfboard can be used by several people, so the price can be split between all those who use it;
    • 3.2 Stand Up Paddle or Kayak trips across the ocean, to see the dolphins and the sea turtles in their natural habitat and swim with them (snorkeling equipment available). Duration: approx. 2h. Cost: €40;
    • 3.3 Surf Skate lessons (Carver): together with Yoga, it is the best functional surf training done on land. It is recommended for intermediate/advanced level, but even beginners can learn the specific aspects of surfing and some motor skills.
      Participants can better learn how to catch speed on a wave with a shortboard. Duration: 1h30min. Cost €40;
    • 3.4 Yoga classes – the best practice for surfing done on land, as it helps with developing balance and flexibility, the two main skills needed for surfing. It can be done either before or after the surf training. Duration: 1h30m. Cost: €10.
    • 3.5 Organizing a BBQ on a secluded beach;
    • 3.6 Downhill MTB – through pine forests, Laurisilva and on volcanic rocks, either in the northern or the southern part of the island. Ideal for adrenaline addicts and for mobility and muscle warm-up before surfing. Duration: 5h. Cost: €50;
    • 3.7 Laurisilva – beach Trekk & Laurisilva – skytrail Trekk – visiting the laurel forest, unique in the world, descending through a river valley on a beautiful and deserted beach & venturing on the paths of the ridges of the steep mountains in the north of the island. Duration: approx. 2h. Cost: €30;
    • 3.8 Stargazing – catching the sunset above the clouds and admiring the Milky Way under the most clear sky in Europe – a true cosmic adventure. Duration: about 2h. Cost: €30;
  4. Option for a single/double private room – Cost: €100;
  5. Possibility of free cancellation at any time – Cost: €100;
  6. Health insurance.

Our Team


Tiberiu Balica

Dom Presedinte / Surf Instructor

Pasionat de snowboard, am inceput sa fac surf din 2011 in Tenerife, Insulele Canare unde l-am cunoscut pe Dan Gheorghe alaturi de care am prins gustul valurilor, iar motivatia mea pentru a arata si altora ce inseamna bucuria surfing-ului este sa-i vad la fel de fericiti ca mine cand reusesc sa faca ce isi propun. Din 2012 am inceput sa predau cursuri de surf pe valul artificial de la Divertiland din Bucuresti, apoi am calatorit in cele mai frumoase locuri de surf din lume unde care am pus bazele organizarii excursiilor pe care le facem la SupAcademy Romania. Acum traiesc vara in Romania fiind instructor de surf si SUP, iar din septembrie urmaresc vara in jurul lumii invatand surf pe mine si pe altii, pana in luna mai. Viata ideala pentru mine e langa apa si cel mai bun lucru pe care pot sa-l fac este sa invat pe cineva sa se relaxeze, sa traiasca mai sanatos si sa se cunoasca mai bine.


Amadeo Blandi

Dom Coleg / Surf Instructor

M-am urcat pe placa de surf la 9 ani, impresionat fiind de surferii experimentati. Originar din Sicilia, m-am mutat in Tenerife la varsta de 19 ani. Am inceput sa concurez la varsta de 13 ani, iar la 17 ani am inceput sa predau cursuri de surf. In 2015 am deschis propria Scoala de Surf iar in momentul de fata organizez campionate de surfing in Tenerife. Franta si Spania sunt locurile mele preferate pentru surf, iar paradisul il gasesc acum in Mentawai – Indonezia.


Do you have questions?

    At the price of the holiday will be added the price of the plane ticket + a commission of 20 euro


    The Canary Islands are calling you if:

    • You dream of a vacation on the surfboard, on a tropical island close to Romania, with warm waters, when the cold weather is already settling throughout Europe;
    • You want to find out more about the surfing culture and live the wave riding;
    • You get energized by nature, sun, the ocean waves and the landscapes with beaches surrounded by high mountains;
    • You like to have fun and meet new people that share a common passion for surfing, or want to be with your crew in the water;
    • You want the freedom and mobility of organizing your time spent outside the water as you wish;
    • You like adventures and you would like to explore the area, going from the sea level up above the clouds on a 3800 meters volcano, while passing through a prehistoric tropical forest endemic to the Canary Islands;
    • You want to surf on a subtropical island, Tenerife;
    • You want to do yoga, eat healthy and taste the most delicious tropical fruits that Europe has to offer.

    A European tropical experience:

    An island has the great benefit of having one coastline permanently exposed to strong waves and another one being more protected from the brute force of the ocean. Whether you are looking for volcanic black sand beaches and deserted beaches untouched by tourism, waves for any level of surfing, or laurel forests and Martian landscapes, you have available the camp’s cars, so you can easily explore this European paradise. Load the surfboards in the car and go in search of the surf or take part in the courses and training organized by us. The idea of the camp is to have fun learning to surf, to relax and find your balance.

    Rest, relaxation and recharging:

    The accommodation is located in the southern part of the Tenerife island, only a 15 minutes walk from the ocean, and a 20 minutes drive to the surf spot, in a luxury villa with a capacity of 17 spots, and with a fully equipped kitchen. The rooms are for two, three or four people, each room with its own bathroom. The spacious courtyard with a lawn, banana trees, a swimming pool, BBQ and sunbeds urges you to relax, chill or party.

    PS: You don’t even need to bring a towel, we have them waiting for you all fresh and clean.


    The surfing classes are divided into groups for beginners and intermediate/advanced, each of the six sessions lasting for about two hours (practice on water and approx. 30 min. for the theoretical part and warm-up). Since surfing is a risky sport and safety is at the forefront, the courses are organized on sandy or reef beaches depending on the level of the group. The locations and times of the surf courses are precisely chosen in order for the practice to be made in optimal safety conditions – sandy beaches with wind-generated waves for those who do not know how to swim or are afraid of water, or reef beaches with clean waves (green waves) for intermediates and for those who want to stay in the lineup, choosing the right tide level to safely surf. The six courses have a progressive and evolutionary structure to effectively increase your surfing skills.

    Surfing equipment:

    Throughout the camping, you will have your own neoprene surfing suit that you will take care of until the end of the camp, and can use anywhere you go on the island. At each surf course you will have a school surfboard – soft top, proportional in size to your balance. For a small extra fee, you will be able to use the surfboard – that you keep all day – outside of the classes. After a small test, the more advanced can ask for fiber boards – hard tops.

    More than just surf:

    The mobility on the island is part of the experience. We will use the cars all throughout the trip, either for going to the surf training or for the half day off when you can enjoy the optional activities like the Stand Up Paddle trip or the Kayak trip across the ocean to see the dolphins and the sea turtles, to Yoga, BBQ, trekking in the rainforest, downhill Mountain Biking, paragliding, parasailing, or for visiting the La Gomera island where the prehistoric laurel forest is the best preserved in the world.

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