Vacation schedule: 15 march 2021 – 29 march 2021

Price: 1300 euro

Package includes:

  • Accommodation
  • Surf guide
  • Surf classes
  • Equipment

Package DOES NOT include:

  • Meals
  • International and local flights
  • Bus and taxi transport
  • Medical insurance


At the middle of the Earth globe where the jungle meets the Pacific Ocean and water always has over 25 degrees, we are going in south-American surf paradise: Ecuador. We will go to the most beautiful beaches where we will learn or improve surfing on waves adapted to each one`s level, we will go to the mountains to meet Andin culture and it`s powerful healing ceremonies. We will relax on empty beaches which are not included on tourist maps or we will party in Vama Veche of Ecuador in the biggest hippie party from America de Sud, we will visit the tropical forest, mangrove forest and will meet a lot of people like us, searching for perfect waves.

Our Team


Tiberiu Balica

Dom President / Surf Instructor

Being a snowboard passionate, I began to surf in 2011 in Tenerife, Canary islands, where I met Dan Gheorghe, the man who inspired me the taste for the waves and my motivation in teaching what the joy of surf means is to see my students as happy as I am when the achieve what they aim. Since 2012 I began to teach surf classes on the artificial wave from Divertiland in Bucharest, then I travelled to the most beautiful surf places in the world where I initiated the trips that we now organize at Sup Academy Romania. Now I`m teaching surf and Sup classes in my country, Romania, during the summer and starting from September I follow the summer around the world teaching myself and other how to surf until the month of May.<br /> Being close to water is the ideal life for me and best thing I can do is to teach someone to relax, to live healthier and to know himself better.


Do you have questions?


    This surf trip is perfect for you if:

    • You want to get at the end of the world in a country where mass tourism doesn`t exist.
    • You would like to hear from your room the waves at night and during the day to take your surf board and to catch waves in front of the house, without neoprene, where the jungle meets the Pacific Ocean
    • You want to relax on the ocean shore and to do every day an initiating course or an advanced surf one.
    • You want to go on a spiritual path and to know a totally new culture which hides deep mysteries in its healing ceremonies and alternative medicine
    • You would like to drink coconut water on the beach, to see iguanas walking close to you and to pick up mango by yourself and other fruits, directly from the nature
    • You want the water to be so warm that you can even swim at night
    • You would like to see the highest mangrove forests in the world, or the village in which the fashion of Panama hats was born.


    Far from mass tourism:

    You will experience disconnecting from modern life and connecting to nature, in fisher man villages where the jungle gets to the Pacific Ocean and sacred centers of Andin culture where you can meet shamans and various alternative therapies. You will be surrounded by the healthiest eating products as everything grows natural, close to the places we live and you can pick them yourself or see them growing: banana, coconuts, mango, avocado, quinoa, maca, chia, fish and sea food.

    Living on the ocean shore and in the jungle:

    Accommodation will be in houses on the ocean shore where you can see the waves from your window and in the mountain jungle where you can see from your veranda coffee, cocoa, banana plants and green avocado tree. Style is of 2 persons chalets, with hammocks, sheared or individual kitchen, where everything is clean and tidy so you can only enjoy surfing and relaxing.


    We will have a guide for people who already know how to surf and instructors for beginners. The equipment will be fiber longboards or soft boards for beginners and any type for the more experienced ones. Surf classes and sessions will be on smaller or bigger waves, depending on each one’s level and we will know many people like us, searching for the perfect waves.


    The water is warm so we will only need during surf session and classes UV protection blouse and a surf board that will be hard-top longboards for more experienced ones or soft boards for beginners.

    More than surf:

    Beside surf and relaxing we can also do yoga, one day trip in the tropical forest, jungle and in the highest mangrove forests in the world or we can participate at healing ceremonies in Vilcabamba. Although it will need a larger budget, we could organize a trip to Galapagos.