Vacation schedule 2021:

Weekly, from saturday to saturday, until May 2021.


450 euro (standard price, 250 euro advance)

Package includes:
  • Accommodation
  • Surf classes
  • Guide
  • Equipment
  • Transportation
  • Photographs


  • Plane tickets
  • Meals
  • Optional Activities:
    • 8-hour Surf Trip on wild north of the island
    • Stand Up Paddle or Kayak trips
    • Stand Up Paddle or Kayak trips at sunset
    • Snorkeling trips where you will swim close to giant turtles
    • Yoga classes
    • Party on a remote beach in a Hippie community, with barbecue and live music
  • Check-in luggage
  • Surf board after classes or fiber board (hard-top) during classes
  • Medical insurance.
  • We also have a holiday offer with FREE cancellation at 650 euros (advance 250 euros).

The 450 euro package includes:

  1. Accommodation – 7 nights in Arona region from south of Tenerife island, in a villa with rooms of 2,3 or 4 persons
  2. Surf classes – beginner`s Camp has a 6 days schedule. One class each day, places and time especially selected to have the best and safest surf conditions (sand beaches with natural waves, the right moment of sea dynamic, of sea currents and wind direction). One class is 2 hours but totally it takes around 4 to 5 hours day activity. The 6 classes have a progressive structure to increase surf learning efficiency
  3. Guide – a person from staff will provide you with all needed information, will coordinate the group activities and even will go with you on some walks, a person always there when needed
  4. Equipment – beginner surf boards (soft-top) and leashes, neoprene costumes short or long, water shoes. If you want to surf after classes, you will have only the neoprene costume.
  5. Transportation – there will be a car for every 5 persons for airport transfers and surf classes but also for road-trip or island trips.
  6. Photograph – at some classes a photograph will be present to capture he unforgettable moments when you are on the wave. Pics will be sent to you after the camp.

The 450 euro package DOES NOT include:

  1. Plane tickets. Put we can recommend direct flights (around 250-300 euro) or with stop (around 180-230 euro)
  2. Meals. You can use the kitchen or the markets (most economical) – it will cost about 80 euro/week, or good restaurants with convenient prices
  3. Optional activities:
    • 2.1  A 8-hour Surf Trip on the wild north of the island – preferable on the last day of the camp so we can have a class on one of the most beautiful beaches from Tenerife.
    • 2.2 Stand Up Paddle or Kayak trips on the ocean to follow the dolphins in their natural habitat – time: 2/h, price: 30 euro.
    • 2.3 Stand Up Paddle or Kayak trips on the ocean at sunset when you will see the most wonderful colors and sightseen on the island – time: 1-2/h, price: 30 euro.
    • 2.4 Snorkeling trips where you will swim close to giant turtles. Time: 2/h, price: 30 euro.
    • 2.5 Yoga classes. Yoga is the best surf on land practice – improves your equilibrium and flexibility, two basic skills. We can practice it before or after surf classes, optionally. Time – 1h30min, price – 5 euro/pers, depending on number of participants.
    • 2.6 Organizing a party on a remote beach in a Hippie community with barbecue and live music – price 25 euro.
  4. Checked -in luggage – it will cost extra to have a checked-in luggage (maximum 20 kg) for every of the 4 flights – between 120-150 euro depending of the flight company that you use, but also of the moment that you choose to register your luggage (it is cheaper when booking the flight and more expensive if you will add it after you bought the tickets).
  5. Surf board after classes or fiber board (hard-top) during classes – prices beginning with 10 euro/day.
  6.  Medical insurance.

Our Team


Tiberiu Balica

Dom President / Surf Instructor

Being a snowboard passionate, I began to surf in 2011 in Tenerife, Canary islands, where I met Dan Gheorghe, the man who inspired me the taste for the waves and my motivation in teaching what the joy of surf means is to see my students as happy as I am when the achieve what they aim. Since 2012 I began to teach surf classes on the artificial wave from Divertiland in Bucharest, then I travelled to the most beautiful surf places in the world where I initiated the trips that we now organize at Sup Academy Romania. Now I`m teaching surf and Sup classes in my country, Romania, during the summer and starting from September I follow the summer around the world teaching myself and other how to surf until the month of May.<br /> Being close to water is the ideal life for me and best thing I can do is to teach someone to relax, to live healthier and to know himself better.


Amadeo Blandi

Dom Colleague / Surf Instructor

I went on the surf board at 9 y. o. impressed by the professional surfers. Born in Sicily, I moved in Tenerife at 19. I began to participate in competitions at 13 and at 17 I started to teach surf classes. I opened my own Surf School in 2015 and now I organize surfing championships in Tenerife. France and Spain are my favorite places for surfing but I am discovering paradise now in Mentawai – Indonesia.


Do you have questions?

At the price of the holiday will be added the price of the plane ticket + a commission of 20 euro


Canary Islands are calling you if:

  • You want a holiday on the surfboard, on a tropical island with warm water when in the rest of Europe is already getting cold.
  • You want to know surf culture and to experience wave hunting.
  • You get your energy from nature, sun, ocean`s waves and landscapes with beaches surrounded by huge mountains.
  • You like to party, to know new people with the same passion for surf or to be with your group of friends in water.
  • You want freedom and flexibility for organizing as you wish the spare time outside the water.
  • You like adventures and you would like to explore the area, going from sea level till above clouds on a 3800 m high volcano, passing through a prehistorical endemic tropical forest of Canary island
  • You want to surf in Tenerife.
  • You want to do yoga, eat healthy and taste the most delicious tropical fruits


Tropical European experience:

An island has the great advantage of having constantly one-part expose to strong waves and another hidden of the massive force of the ocean. Either you are searching for volcanic or sand beaches, waves for every surf level or laurisilva forest and landscapes from Mars, you have at your disposal the camp cars and you can explore the European paradise. Put your boards on the car and search for the surf experience or join our classes. The idea of the camp is for you to have fun.

Relaxing, resting and recharging:

The accommodation is in the south of Tenerife island, at 15 minutes walking from the ocean, in a luxury villa, with 15 places capacity and completely equipped kitchen. Rooms are of 2,3 and 4 persons, each with its own bathroom. The large yard with grass, banana trees, swimming pool, barbecue and sun chairs will make you feel relaxed, chill or like having a party mood.

PS: Don`t bring a towel, we already have clean ones for you.


Because surfing is risky, safety comes first so we organize classes on sand beaches or rocks depending of group level. This means that the more experienced ones can go with some of the instructors to strong waves spots and the less experienced ones to small waves. Surf class lasts 2 h but can take 4h a day with getting there, dressing and theory.

Surf equipment:

During the camp you will have your own neoprene costume which you will take care of until the last day and you will use everywhere you will go. At every surf class you will have a school surf board (soft top) size proportionate with your equilibrium which you will may keep for the rest of the day with a small extra charge. For more experienced ones we also offer fiber boards (hard top) but only if they can control them safely (we will try them).

More than surf:

Exploring the island is part of your experience. You can use the cars not only to get to classes. You have half a day free time which you can spend attending to the optional SUP or Kayak trip that we organize on the ocean to see dolphins and sea turtles in their natural habitat. You can do yoga or have a barbecue on a desert beach at sunset, trekking in the tropical forest, paragliding, parasailing or you can visit La Gomera island to see the prehistorical laurisilva forest, the best preserved in the world.

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