SunRace Open Contest Rules

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1) Safety recommendations:

a) Safety is the organizers number one priority, so we will define the length of the race according to the weather conditions. The professional race will have distances of 5000m if the wind blows with speeds of less than 13 knots, 4000m if the wind blows with speeds between 13 and 18 knots, 3000m if the wind blows on the day of the competition between 18 and 23 knots, 2000m if the wind speed is between 18 and 23 knots and will be canceled if the wind has a speed of over 23 knots. The amateur race will be 700m when the wind blows between 13 and 18 knots, 1500m if the wind blows between 8 and 13 knots and 2000m if the wind blows under 8 knots. If the wind has more than 18 knots the amateur race can be canceled.

b) If a competitor is in difficulty following an accident without injury, he will signal by raising the paddle. Any competitor who observes an accident of another competitor, he is obliged to raise the paddle to signal the accident.

c) If one competitor intentionally pushes another competitor he will be disqualified

2) Equipment:
Any stand up paddle boards of any size and material are considered eligible. The central cells (fins) must be rigidly attached to the plate, without the possibility of being manipulated to change the direction nor to allow the plate to be lifted such as the hydrofoil type keel. The paddles can be of any size, shape and material, provided they have only one pallet.

3) Paddling
Competitors must stand on the boards and swing from the place where it is designated for lifting up to the exit from the sea and entering the beach. Any amateur race competitor can sit on his knee or belly on the board any time he wants without advancing, but he can be disqualified if he swims more than a quarter of a distance in his knee. Any professional racing competitor can sit on his knees or on the belly on the board any time he wants without advancing, but he can be disqualified if he swings more than 5 times in his knee.

4) Defining the participants aptitude level

a) A person who does not participate in SUP races on a regular basis or is just a beginner in the SUP race and does not wish to participate in a higher level of the competition will participate in the amateur race.

b) A person who frequently participates in SUP, kayak or canoe rowing competitions, or who has won one of the first 2 places in the amateur race of the SunRace Open SUP competition, respectively in the 2013-2014 SunRace Open competitions, is considered experienced and will participate in the professional race. Also the persons who in the professional occupation use SUP (SUP instructors, lifeguards, SUP supervisors, etc.) will participate in the professional race.

5) Registration for the contest
Registration for the competition is free if the competing person brings their own equipment or has a cost of 50 lei for the people who use the organizers’ equipment (this fee does not include the rent for the training sessions that will be charged with 50 lei / half an hour).

Competitors must sign the registration form to participate in the contest.

6) The race is considered finished when the competitor reaches the finish line with the plate in hand.