SunRace Open Contest Rules

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Rules and Regulations of SunRace Open


1) Safety recommendations:

a) Safety is the number 1 priority of the organizers, so we will define the length of the race according to the weather conditions on the day of the competition, at the time of the technical meeting. If the wind is over 18 knots, the amateur race can be cancelled.

b) If a competitor is in difficulty following an accident without injury, he will signal by raising the paddle. Any competitor who notices an accident of another competitor followed by his injury, he is obliged to raise the paddle to signal the accident.

c) If one of the competitors intentionally pushes another competitor, he will be disqualified

d) In the long distance race, the SUP vest is recommended, and the leash is mandatory.

2) Equipment:

Any stand up paddle boards of any size and material are considered eligible. The central (fins) keels must be rigidly attached to the board, without the possibility of being manipulated to change direction or to allow the board to be lifted like the hydrofoil type keel. The paddles can be of any size, shape and material, as long as they have only one paddle.

3) Rowing

Competitors must stand up on the boards and row standing up from the place where it is designated for lifting until the exit from the sea and the entrance to the beach. Any competitor in the amateur race can kneel or lie on his belly on the board as long as he wants without advancing, but he can be disqualified if he rows more than a quarter of the distance on his knees. Any competitor of the professional race can sit on his knees or on his stomach on the board as long as he wants without advancing, but he can be disqualified if he rows more than 5 times on his knees.


4) Defining the skill level of the participants

a) A person who does not participate in SUP races on a regular basis or is just a beginner in SUP race and does not want to participate at a higher level of the competition will participate in the amateur race.

b) A person who frequently participates in SUP paddling, kayak-canoe or kayak competitions, or who won one of the first 2 places in the amateur race of the SunRace Open SUP competition from 2013 to the present, or in other competitions SUP, is considered experienced and will participate in the professional race. Also, people who use SUP in their professional occupation (SUP instructors, lifeguards, SUP supervisors, etc.) will participate in the professional race.

c) the organizer reserves the right not to allow competitors to register in the beginner category.

d) the organizers reserve the right to disqualify participants after the competition.

5) Contest registration is done at the registration office at the contest location, or online.

Registration to the contest is free if the person who competes brings his own equipment, or it costs 50 lei for people who use the organizers’ equipment (this fee does not include the rental for the training sessions, which will be charged 50 lei/half hour) .

The contest number is picked up on the day of the contest from the registration office.

Contestants must sign the registration form to participate in the contest.

6) The start is on the beach, on the line established at the technical meeting and takes place in the series established by the organizers. From the starting line, the competitor runs with the board in hand to the area designated by the organizers for lifting on the board. When lifting on the board, the rule of 5 tractions (paddle kicks) from the knees is applied, as is also applied in the rest of the competition. depending on the number of registered competitors, the start can be combined for several categories, according to the Organizer’s decision, something that will be communicated at the technical meeting.

7) The race is considered finished when the competitor arrives with the plate in hand at the finish line designated by the organizers during the technical session.

8) The classification is made in the order of crossing the finish line.

9) The Competition categories are: Female Juniors, Male Juniors, Female Amateurs, Male Amateurs, Pro Female, Pro Male

Technical race: 500m: Pro, U18, (M+F)

Race Distance 8 km: Open, Amateurs, U18, (M+F)

Children and juniors can compete with stringed boards in the 14′ class, preferably with inflatable boards.

Amateurs can compete with the 12’6″ board class limit

Pros can compete with a 14′ board class limit

Race boards from 12’6 onwards can only compete in the Pro and Junior Pro categories