FAQ Surf Camp Portugal

Frequent asked questions

  • Which is the exact period of surf camp in Portugal?

Surf camp in Portugal will take place between the 23rd of September – 7th of October, every one week (Ex 23 Sep – 30 Sep, 30 Sep – 7 oct). Registration are made when paying an advance and can be made in every week in that period according to availability.

  • How many places are totally in one surf group for Tenerife?

Each weekly group has 15 places.

  • How can I register?

For registration is required a payment of 250 de euro — ron equivalent through banc transfer or cash (this represents a fee advance for registration into our association) and sending an email to board@supacademy.ro. with subject: SCP registration <your name> having in attachment the Registration form filled in, a copy of PO of the transfer or copy of the receipt and a copy of the ID that you will present when booking the plane.


  • Until when I must pay the advance?

The advance must be payed at least one month before leaving, but place may run out before this if others will pay earlier than you so you must frequently check places availability for the week you choose. The advance in not refundable.



  • Until when I must pay the difference?

The difference must be payed at least 2 weeks before leaving. Once payed, this amount is also nonrefundable. Although, if we can find another client, we can return a part of the amount (not what we`ll spend on finding a new client like Facebook commercials, special discounts for finding a new client)

  • Must I be a good swimmer to participate at this camp?

This camp is for any physical condition or swimming skills but the beach type and place in the water where you will practice surf will be determined by your skills. For learning to catch the waves is no need for swimming skills because the instructors will be with you even when the water is no higher than your waist. But surf progress depends on your physical and psychical condition, as well as swimming skills and we`ll be working on each of these trying to improve them.


  • What are the flight options to Portugal if flying from Romania?

The cheapest flights are the ones with stops around 150-200-euro, with decent stops of maximum 6 hours. You can check our web for recommendations with 3 months before the first camp or you can contact us at board@supacademy.ro. Tickets price vary with time passing and to catch the best offers you must check weekly the offers in different days of the week.

The fastest are the direct flights from Bucharest or Budapest and cost around 200-250 euro with Wizz Air or Blue Air (only from Bucharest). Be careful to follow the special offers of each flight company to get the best price. Ticket price may change with time.


  • Which airport of Portugal is best to arrive?

Lisbon or Faro airport are the best. Faro is a bit closer to our accommodation than the one in Lisbon, but normally has more expensive flights coming from Romania. We organize airport transfers for recommended flights but if bigger groups will land at close hours beside the recommended flights, we will also organize transfer.


  • Airport transfer is included you say. That means that you`ll wail for me at my arrival?

We organize transfers for flights recommended by us but if bigger groups will land at close hours, we can organize transfer for any airport (Faro or Lisbon). This we will find out when most of the people from one group of 15 will have the plane tickets. In special cases when landing will be at night, we will agree way of transfer.  The bus will cost you 20 euro to get to accommodation from Lisbon airport and from Faro about 12 euro. Private transport, a car for 3 persons, will cost 50 euro per person from Lisbon airport and 30 euro from south airport.

  • How we will choose our rooms?

The rooms are of 2,3 or 4 persons. Although you will freely choose your room, couples and families will have priority and then the rest of the group. We will try to adapt as possible and by choice girls with girls and boys with boys. We encourage the group formed before leaving to socialize and to know each other better.

  • How is the weather in Portugal in that period?

During the day the temperature will be around 25-30degrees and during the evening around 10 degrees. Morning until the sunrise the temperature may be around 15 degrees.

  • What is the water temperature?

The ocean`s water is around 16 degrees but with the neoprene costumes that we have of 4/3 you won`t feel the cold water but at the first minutes, at the extreme part of your body (hands, feet and head). That I why we will do a proper warm up before going in the water, to avoid possible problems caused by cold water as muscle or ligament strains.

  • What kind of clothes should Ii bring?

You will need short clothes, slippers, t-shirts for day time when sun is shining. At evening you will need warm cloths like hoodie, long pants, sometimes even jackets and hats for more sensitive persons. For foot ware you will need sneakers or sport shoes.  It will be better that all your luggage enters in one hand bag so you won`t need to pay at the airport for a checked-in luggage.


  • Do I need to take a check in luggage?

There is no need for a checked-in luggage. Also, you don`t need to take in your hand luggage sun creams or shower gels bigger than 100 ml because you can buy them from there.

  • Do we towel at the accommodation?

Yes, there will be towels at your accommodation and you don`t have to bring your own.