Surf Tour Ecuador: A Complete Surf Experience

10 Sep

Surf Tour Ecuador: A Complete Surf Experience

In the exotic Ecuador, at the middle of the Earth globe where the jungle meets the Pacific Ocean, I spent in march 2 unforgettable weeks! We went catching the most beautiful waves, starting from the south of the country, from the most hippie area from south America and entire world, until the north of Ecuador where remote and desert beaches are not on the common touristic map and will make you relax. We went to catch the perfect waves and to see the tropical jungle with a brave team which remember with pleasure the surf tour and would like to come back!


“What impressed me most it was the nature. At the mountains as also at the coast you were surrounded by breath taking landscapes that made you feel like in a documentary. The fauna, very rich also, completed that image!” Says Costin, one of the camp participants.


We passed through 4 exotic beaches Montanita, Ayampe, San Lorenzo and Mompiche, each with its own specific, but all of them with water over 25 degrees.


“Ayampe was the most interesting beach of all the surf trip. The most calm and full of life beach from all the beaches we visited in Ecuador. And to be shure that we won’t forget the place, we were cought at one evening class by a sunset that you can rarely see there. The sun was going down to the symbol rocks of this village. An incredible image!”, continues Costin.


“I liked the most Mompiche beach. It has something special that must be experienced on the spot!” tells us with pleasure his surf colleaguea, Adrian.
“Surf classes seamed to me variated and very good at the same time. We had a few instructors and from each one of them I could take something good to build a special surf style.”


During the surf camp we had a surf guide for advanced people and instructors for beginners. The equipment was fiber longboards for beginners and any type, at their choice, for the more experienced ones.

“at most of the places we met passionate instructors which helped me a lot to improve as well my surf knowledge but also my ocean knowledge. Although the lessons started from 0 and at first I thought that I am going to get bored, the instructors offered me a clearer image of what surf really is and how this sport must be experienced. All the information was really helpful and I felt for the first time that I am really surfing and I sow what “catching” a wave means or “riding” it. Beside the long, almost perfect waves that we had in those locations we were accompanied in water by experienced riders from whom we could learn a lot and we could see live some of the most complicated tricks. I would go back to Ecuador for 2 surf spots that same to me extraordinary for learning: Ayampe şi Mompiche”, says Costin.


Adrian would also go back anytime with pleasure: “I would go back to Ecuador; you can find some very interesting points to visit there and you can anytime add a destination from South or Central America to the trip!”

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