Terms and conditions Surf Camp Portugal


For reserving a place in surf camp, you will need to fill in the registration form from our site, to accept these terms and conditions and to pay the advance from our offer.

I acknowledge the following:

  • Places will be taken in order of advance payment and cannot be blocked otherwise except extraordinary cases, when Surfacademy team will be contact
  • The advance is not refundable unless another person is found to replace the student that cannot or doesn`t want to participate anymore. Therefore, when somebody wants to cancel the participation, Surfacademy team must be informed as soon as possible to begin to look for another participant.
  • The total amount will be paid at least 2 weeks before going on the trip. For subscriptions made in less than 2 weeks before the trip, the total amount will be paid when booking.


Surf is a dangerous sport performed in a continuous dynamic and powerful environment as it is the ocean, so accidents caused by the lack of focus or lack of distributed attention may occur, so during classes is required a permanent attention to what the instructors are saying in the theoretical speech on land, but also in water.

I acknowledge the following:

  • SurfAcademy Team will not be responsible for accidents that occurred by not following the instructor`s advice
  • It is mandatory that the safety leash to be put on every time when entering the water
  • I must avoid keeping the board between me and the coming waves
  • I must not let go of the board unless I am sure that it will not endanger other persons around (surfers or swimmers)
  • I must not go towards lineup holding the leash and pulling the board on the waves because the waves are powerful and severe fingers or hands accidents may occur
  • I must stop surfing at least 10 meters before the wave reaches the shore and jump in the wave that I came with because at the shore and where the water is not deep may be rocks and I can injure my feet if I will jump directly on them.
  • I must remain I the practice area indicated by the instructors (this could change during classes because of sea currents or sea dynamic)
  • I must take time for warming up and stretching before going in the water because conditions may suddenly change from calm to strong waves and without proper warm up, I may suffer muscles or ligaments strains and sprains.
  • I must always pay attention where the instructors and the other students are in the surf area
  • While in surf area I must not stand in front of other students, but on the same line/row with them
  • When trying to catch a wave, I must check behind if it`s not already taken by someone else who could hit me with the board
  • When trying to catch a wave, if I see other students in front of me, I must tell them to watch out or, if seeing that they are not paying attention, to let go of the wave/ cancel the ride


Beginning classes hours are carefully selected by Surf Academy team for surf student’s security and depending on meteorological and oceanographical conditions like wind and sea level, but also beach conditions like the way surf schools are organized on that beach.

The classes are held by a team of surf instructors that help the students how to surf, dividing their attention so that in the first place will be the safety of the group. So, if somebody doesn`t understand something or wants to know more, he/she should ask them with no reserves.

Minding everyone`s progress, we`ll have the possibility to split the students in 2 groups with instructors holding classes for each one`s level.

I acknowledge the following:

  • Classes begin at the time declared in the schedule published at the beginning of the surf week and SurfAcademy team cannot wait for the ones who will be late
  • When unfavorable conditions cancel the classes, like too strong waves, wind other natural phenomena or, rarely, the absence of the waves, a trip to one attraction point in the area will be organized, or other optional activities from the program or independently planned


Each student will receive a neoprene costume and a lycra blouse at the beginning of the surf week that he/she will keep for the entire camp. They can be changed when asked if the size doesn`t fit.

The school surf board will be choose at the beginning of each class, with the instructor`s recommendation which will evaluate the student`s level.


I acknowledge the following:

  • Surf equipment, leash and neoprene costume is normal to get old by time as long as they are used properly and well cared. Using them unproperly may cause extra costs in following cases: the board is left near the waves and because of those it will be carried by the water, the board is carried by the leash or by one of its endings on the sand or rocks, the student sits on the board that has pebble or rocks underneath which will deform its surface or borders, the student sits with the neoprene costume on sharp surfaces or pebble that may tear the texture.
  • If the surf student wants to surf with other board than the one recommended by the instructor, he must separate from the group to keep the other students safe and will not wear the school lycra blouse. The board can be changed when requested if there are other available boards and if the instructor will think that this will help the student to learn surf better.
  • After each class the neoprene costume will be washed in sweet water face and reverse and it will be let to dry on reverse. Lycra will be also washed in sweet water a few times.
  • During classes wearing white school lycra blouse is mandatory for recognizing each other and distinguish in water from other surf schools around.
  • Surf boards are available also after classes without extra charge. Neoprene costume will be at your disposal all surf week long and using it outside classes will be free of charge.
  • During the breaks and at the end of the class, surf boards will be arranged on the beach in special marked places, not anywhere, because the waves may grow and could take the board into the ocean.
  • At the end of the class, you have to wash the boards of sand and take them to the car, to school or to camp.
  • The board will be carried only by hand, on the hip or on your head, if these three methods are difficult than 2 persons will carry 2 boards in tandem according to the instructor’s directives.


Each car will be trusted to one driver only and 5 persons at most will go inside, so for each car will be selected a driver that will take responsibility for damage and fees that may occur and are not covered by insurance. If the driver will let somebody else to drive in his place, it must be known how and when drove that car, with the first driver responsibility, to keep track of possible damages and fees during that time.

I acknowledge the following:

  • Each car will be e assigned for 5 surf students chosen at the beginning of surf week, the group formed this way for each car will take responsibility for getting at class in time. The car can be used outside class hours if all 5 members of the group agree. Participants may move from one care to another anytime, but must consider that the value of car gasoline will divide equally to those how are using it. The situation of car using is the driver`s responsibility.
  • Cars will be driven only on concrete roads, because car insurance does not cover driving it off roads.
  • Cars must be returned with the same gasoline quantity that they had when received
  • Buying gas is students’ responsibility
  • Cars must be returned without trash or sand inside.
  • Parking is allowed only on special deigned places and allowed hour schedule. Eventual fees will be sent to car responsible driver.

Airport transfers:

Airport transfers are included in camp price as long as participants get/leave in the airports indicated by the organizers and in time schedule declared by them. For checking time and place details, please contact us before booking your flights.


The rooms are of 2,3, and 4 persons. Room distribution will be freely made by surf students, first evening when arriving at the camp. We are trying to separate boys and girls, as possible. Couples have priority in selecting rooms of 2, then all the participants may choose.

The accommodation will provide towels but it is not allowed to take them to the beach.

The kitchen is shared as well as some baths so that bathrooms and cooking and eating areas arrangement must be respected.


  • Trash will be separated into organic and non-organic.
  • Kitchen must be kept clean and dishes washed for offering a clean environment for the following users.
  • Living area must be kept clean, without sand, so before entering feet must be washed in water bucket.