/ Surf Classes for beginners, intermediates and advanced

Surf Classes for beginners, intermediates and advanced

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Discover the surfing feeling making baby steps on a board, or advance to the next level in the art of the waves, with our passionate surfer team in Playa de Las Americas, everyday when the tide is good.

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Group: 3 – 6 participants, Aprox. 2h, 40 Eur

  • Full equipment (board, wetsuit, leash, reef boots)
  • Instructor for theory and practice
  • Locker & showers

We are separating participants according to experience, if possible:

Beginners do an ample theory course where the get to know the surf equipment, wave dynamics, recognition of waves, rip currents and other safety rules, surfing etiquette, board handling, techniques for getting to the lineup, takeoffs and the first maneuvers, after they do a warmup and get to the water where they are assisted to catch waves and have their alignment corrected by our instructors. Swimming experience is not needed

Intemediates do less theory, just a short recap of the take off technique then a warmup and in the water they get helped and corrected according to their needs for wave catching, posture, alignments, motivation or relaxation.

Advanced, we choose together the best wave conditions and the best break for an advanced group class, and we do a class that attends to the technical and psychological necessities of the group.

Private Classes: one on one,  Aprox 2h, 70 Eur.

  • Full equipment (board, wetsuit, leash, reef boots)
  • Dedicated instructor
  • Locker & showers

Attention and informations of an instructor are exclusively dedicated to a sole participant, so the timpe spent in a private class is totally reserved for a rapid progression, it is the fastest way to learn surfing.

The wave quality in Playa de Las Americas, when compared to other surf spots in Europe, is excellent for learning to surf, and it is superior to other breaks in Tenerife because of its speed and predictability, it is a point – break. The reef in Playa de Las Americas is an almost plane platform with no big risks for you guys that learn to surf if you pay attention to these 2 important aspects, sustained also by the instructors: Water entry and exit is made in special spots and a ride is abandoned before reaching the shore, by placing all your weight on the back foot and sit down. Everything else is about enjoying a moment of connection with the water, nature and the inner child in the sun, in front of a palm tree beach. You don’t need to bring anything special for the surfing class.

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